From our "rookies" to the seasoned veterans of our top-level management, the ACS 'Team Approach' pervades our organization. Our rookies quickly learn that each member of the team is treated with equal respect and importance, because when we work as a team, problems get solved, schedules are kept, costs are controlled, quality control is realized. The bottom line is that we get the job done, and we get it done right!

This attitude of mutual respect and support is also evident as the cornerstone of our customer service. Regardless of the size of your project... whether it is a minor remodel or a multi-million dollar ground up project... your job is important to us. That's why when you call ACS, you get personal attention, not voice mail. And if the person you need to speak to is not available, rest assured that your call will be promptly returned.

A key characteristic of the ACS Team Approach is its 'proactive' nature. We begin each project with a thorough evaluation of your bid request and drawings, complying with all parameters of your request and often revealing additional considerations that may factor into the job. This attention to detail and proactive "no surprises" approach is essential to helping our customers identify and control costs. It also enables us to anticipate and eliminate potential obstacles that might otherwise impede normal progress of a job.

Once we have been awarded a contract, we assign a Project Manager, Superintendent, Project Assistant and Expeditor to handle all responsibilities associated with the job. All ACS Project Managers and Superintendents have a minimum of five years of industry experience.

As a further extension of the ACS Team Approach, we have established a comprehensive nationwide network of subcontractors, each of which understands and complies with our stringent standards of quality and service. Simply put, when you call the ACS Team, we respond.

To Get the ACS Advantage:
Please contact us today to request our current AIA qualification statement and other pertinent data.

About the ACS "Shamrock"
Symbolic of the three primary elements of our Mission Statement, the three-part leaf of the ACS Shamrock stands for Quality, Commitment, and Excellence . . . uniting the three to assure you the ultimate in service from a General Contractor. These are the key componenets upon which our business is built and through which you can be assured complete satisfaction with every ACS project.
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