Advanced Construction Services (ACS) is a full service General Contractor providing comprehensive management and execution of new construction and remodels on a national level.

Commitment to Quality

As described in our mission statement, we adhere to and accept only the highest standards of quality. This applies not only to quality of materials and workmanship, but extends to every aspect of our service. To carry the "ACS" name, a completed project must be first-rate from beginning to end. This is not to say that every ACS project is without is unique challenges . . .to the contrary, it is our ability to work through or around each challenge that enables a top quality result. Through our Proactive Team Approach and Utilization of Technology, we ensure that when a member of our senior management makes the final inspection, every aspect of the project is completed to our exact standards, or we make it right!


In today's fast-paced world, good communication is more critical than ever to the success of a General Contractor. Changes, delays, scheduling conflicts, and countless other obstacles are a "given" in our business. It is how we prepare to adapt to changes and solve problems that enables us to consistently meet our schedules and control costs. To this end, ACS makes optimal use of today's technology including laptops and digital cameras for our field employees. Drawings, project updates, and even pictures of job progress can be transmitted in minutes via e-mail, enabling ultimate conservation of time to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

The ACS Advantage . . .

What is it?
The ACS Advantage is a competitive "edge" that assures you an unparalleled commitment to quality, a comprehensive team approach to service, and optimal use of the latest technology.

Who benefits?
The ACS Advantage benefits architects, developers, and owners involved in new construction or remodels of retail, restaurant, commercial and government projects.

What does it mean for you?
The ACS Advantage means you get the most professional, cost effective service, specifically geared to fill your unique needs, resulting in a quality job that is completed on time.

Mission Statement
The mission of ACS is simply stated in three words: Commitment to Excellence. From our inception, we have established and adhered to the highest standards of quality, not only meeting but exceeding these standards whenever possible. Our on-going goal is to instill this same commitment to excellence in each member of our organization, thus assuring an uncompromising approach to the realization of complete customer satisfaction. Through customer satisfaction, we continue to grow and prosper.
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